Pendants with angel numbers are brand new in our collection. But what are angel numbers anyway? Angel numbers are numbers that we come across again and again in our everyday lives. We notice them on receipts, watches or number plates, for example.

According to spiritual teachers, these sequences of numbers are not mere coincidences, but messages from guardian angels or messages from the spiritual universe. The angel numbers are also said to be a sign that your guardian angel is in your neighbourhood.


Stands for great potential and new possibilities. See it as a sign to allow changes in life. It is often a sign that a chapter of life has been closed.


Stands for a new beginning or renewal. It also means that your thoughts will manifest quickly and that your thoughts should be chosen wisely.


Stands for harmony and balance. It reminds us to pay more attention to ourselves and to live in the here and now.


Can be seen as a kind of wake-up call to let go of things and people that are not good for you.


Stands for approaching help and support in a difficult time. The guardian angels watch over you and offer you divine protection and guidance.


Stands for change. Your guardian angel accompanies, guides and protects you on your new path.


It does not stand for something evil as is often assumed, it shows that you are stuck in thoughts from which you need to free yourself. Your guardian angel helps you to reflect on your thoughts in order to recognise what you need to change in your life in order to achieve your personal goals.


Stands for luck. Your guardian angels are satisfied with what you have already achieved. It can be seen as an impulse to tackle new things.


Indicates that something good will happen. It also stands for material and financial things.


Stands for the fact that something in your life will soon come to an end and there is room for a new beginning. Your guardian angel is on your side to complete the last steps. The beginning of something new is imminent.