Jewellery production in the fifth generation

The company Andreas Daub, which was founded in Pforzheim in 1872, is managed today by Kurt Daub. Around 80 employees produce the premium-quality jewellery “MADE IN GERMANY” – for every individual item is made at the company’s new premises at Wilferdinger Höhe in Pforzheim.

The well-qualified employees, who have many years of experience and passionately contribute their professional skills, are the company’s greatest asset.  The fact that the company Andreas Daub has always concentrated on its own strengths also has a hand in the success that it has seen over the last five generations. Quality as our guiding principle extends deep down into production. At every stage of production all employees ensure that our quality standards are met. This is the basis for end products with a supreme level of quality. We have also embedded the principle of continual improvement in our Company Business Principles.

In addition to creating its own collections, the company Andreas Daub also offers its services as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to other brand customers, enabling them to manufacture a collection of their own that is 100 percent “MADE IN GERMANY”.

Andreas Daub also offers pulled, pressed and cut semi-finished products, adapted to your needs. This allows you a direct access to our long experience in pulling tube, curring and pressing sheet material. Our standard assortment includes, among other things, hinged bangles, collar/choker necklaces and hoop earrings. The bangles are made of from seamless tube or as flex bracelets from tube with a seam.

How our jewellery is developed

At Andreas Daub, state-of-the-art production techniques go hand in hand with sound craftsmanship.

We are happy to provide an insight behind the scenes: