Andreas Daub  100% Made in Germany

Recognising quality.     –     Through a visible symbol.

The “Made in Germany” lable enjoys highest level of recognition and appreciation worldwide. This also applies for jewellery. To ensure consumers can recognise at first glance if an item of jewellery is Made in Germany, identifying the item with the eponymous label is of key assistance. It stands for high quality, sustainable production and the securing of jobs.

Defining quality.     –     For uniform standards.

High-quality workmanship, attractive design and fast delivery times are typical characteristics of German- made jewellery. To maintain this tradition, selected German jewellery manufacurers have committed themselves to a common standard of quality: Andreas Daub vouch for this with his good name.

Assuring quality.     –     From a sense of responsibility.

Initiated by members of the Jewellery expert group of the Association of Jewellery, Watches, Clocks & Supplying Industry, the “Made in Germany” label represents an appellation thus farunique of its kind in the jewellery sector. The objectives of the participating companies are to achieve active quality assurance, support consumers in the selection of their jewellery and create recognition of German-made quality.