United for Ever: The 1400°C Collection

On one side: Ceramic, durable and resistant. On the other side: gold, elegant and resplendent. What synergy these two precious materials produce when they go through the flames together.  At 1400°C they interfuse in this collection – for ever.

Gold and Ceramic Creatively Combined

At a temperature of 1400°C, the impressive quality that is definitive for the zirconium oxide ceramic used is generated. Proof of its absolute hardness is demonstrated in such innovative applications as the Space Shuttle heat shield, in Formula 1 brake discs or as prosthetic hip implants. In combination with 14 or 18 carat gold, this high-tech ceramic opens up new dimensions in jewellery design. Harmony and hardness creatively combined – this is the essence of the 1400°C collection from Andreas Daub.